Organize periodical health checks for employees


              Always ensure all the best care for employees, every year, Thang Tien Technical Material Co., Ltd. holds regular health checks for employees of the company. The location of the examination is arranged centrally, flexibly and conveniently for all employees who are working at the office and the site is fully involved.


             The medical examination package selected by the company includes all the contents from clinical examination to X-ray, abdominal, cardiac and pulmonary ultrasound ... Accordingly, the staff will be examined and comprehensive diagnosis and Be advised on better physical and mental health. Being aware of the importance of the program, company employees try to arrange work to participate in the examination with self-conscious, excited.

Every year, employees working at Thang Tien Technical Materials Co., Ltd. are entitled to the standard of health examination in the trend of increasing quality. That is how the Board of Directors show close attention to employees - the company's most valuable assets. With a healthy and optimistic spirit, it is certain that all employees will be able to solidify and contribute more to the development of the company.


Some pictures of the medical examination at the Company's site




The treatment Car at the construction site



 Distribution desk



Consultation desk: To check  and get report on the website



Check height, weight



Blood pressure monitor



Eyesight test



Blood sampling



ENT examination



Internal Medicine Clinic



Ultrasound clinic



X-ray room